1 Amendments of Corina CREȚU related to 2010/0101(COD)

Amendment 16 #
Proposal for a decision
Recital 12
(12) Moreover generally, EIB financing operations should contribute to the general principles guiding the EU's external action, as referred to in Article 21 of the Treaty on the European Union, of promoting and consolidating democracy and the rule of law, human rights and fundamental freedoms, and to the implementation of international environmental agreements to which the EU is a party. In relation to developing countries9 in particular, an underlying objective for EIB financing operations should be the reduction of poverty through fostering: sustainable economic, social and environmental development of these countries, particularly in the most disadvantaged amongst them; their smooth and gradual integration into the world economy; the campaign against poverty; as well as compliance with objectives approved by the EU in the context of the United Nations and other competent international organisations. The EIB should gradually build up appropriate means to adequately meet these requirementsin order to guarantee equal access to financial services, in particular for disadvantaged groups such as minorities, farmers and women. In order to adequately meet these requirements the Council shall guarantee an increase in EIB resources and staff.
Committee: DEVE