1 Amendments of Neena GILL related to 2019/2110(INI)

Amendment 145 #
Motion for a resolution
Paragraph 11
11. Calls on Member States to support and implement EU actions to combat Aggressive Tax Planning. Reiterates the call of the Parliament and the Commission stating that EU tax policy should not be dependent on a unanimity rule that can be misused for purely national interests, at the expense of the Single Market and other Member States’ needs. A move to qualified majority voting in taxation would enable Member States to control more effectively the part of their sovereignty that they have pooled together in the interests of the Union as a whole and for greater collective and individual results. Invites therefore the Commission to put this statement in practice and make swiftly use of the specific passerelle clause in the Treaties which offers an obvious route to move away from unanimity in the tax area;
Committee: ECON