Summary for scraper logs from the 2019-09-27

Summary of log messages


Summary of changes

mep 0 54
dossier 1 45
amendment 1262 0
mep_activity 647 0
comagenda 25 0

Unknown MEPs

NIEBLER Professor Doktor Angelika2
REGO Sira2
GAMBUS MILLET Francisco de Paula1
BUZEK Professor Jerzy1

Log Entries

2019-09-27T00:05:39.596632meperrorfailed to extract findecl from
2019-09-27T00:19:34.386568meperrorfailed to extract findecl from
2019-09-27T00:22:19.317082dossiererrorthis url returns a hard 404:
2019-09-27T00:23:10.593729dossiererrorthis url returns a hard 404:
2019-09-27T00:23:18.083900dossiererrorthis url returns a hard 404:
2019-09-27T00:24:43.981352dossiererrorthis url returns a hard 404:
2019-09-27T00:26:21.836088dossiererrorthis url returns a hard 404:
2019-09-27T00:26:29.565145dossiererrorthis url returns a hard 404:
2019-09-27T00:26:41.133972dossiererrorthis url returns a hard 404:
2019-09-27T00:26:41.361834dossiererrorno content found for section "Attention!" of 2015/2542(DEA)
2019-09-27T00:26:41.579612dossiererrorno content found for section "Delegated act was actually rejected!" of 2015/2542(DEA)
2019-09-27T00:27:53.982848dossiererrorthis url returns a hard 404:
2019-09-27T00:27:54.762339dossiererrorthis url returns a hard 404:
2019-09-27T00:27:55.610360dossiererrorthis url returns a hard 404:
2019-09-27T00:28:00.680001dossiererrorno mepid found for "NIEBLER Professor Doktor Angelika"
2019-09-27T00:28:01.776943dossiererrorno mepid found for "NIEBLER Professor Doktor Angelika"
2019-09-27T00:28:54.828904dossiererrorno mepid found for "GAMBUS MILLET Francisco de Paula"
2019-09-27T00:30:06.795048dossiererrorno mepid found for "REGO Sira"
2019-09-27T00:30:08.867411dossiererrorthis url returns a hard 404:
2019-09-27T00:30:24.577265dossiererrorno mepid found for "BUZEK Professor Jerzy"
2019-09-27T00:31:18.108617dossiererrorno mepid found for "WOLTERS Lara"
2019-09-27T00:33:13.468524dossiererrorno mepid found for "MIRANDA PAZ Ana Maria"
2019-09-27T00:33:27.411139dossiererrorno mepid found for "REGO Sira"
2019-09-27T00:34:10.887629dossiererrorno mepid found for "WOLTERS Lara"
2019-09-27T00:34:11.291798dossiererrorno mepid found for "WOLTERS Lara"
2019-09-27T00:34:11.491871dossiererrorno mepid found for "WOLTERS Lara"
2019-09-27T00:34:13.088961dossiererrorno mepid found for "WOLTERS Lara"
2019-09-27T00:34:13.307390dossiererrorno mepid found for "WOLTERS Lara"
2019-09-27T00:34:15.918042dossiererrorno mepid found for "WOLTERS Lara"
2019-09-27T00:34:16.024679dossiererrorno mepid found for "WOLTERS Lara"
2019-09-27T00:34:18.310820dossiererrorno mepid found for "WOLTERS Lara"
2019-09-27T00:34:22.701814dossiererrorno mepid found for "WOLTERS Lara"
2019-09-27T00:34:23.877434dossiererrorno mepid found for "WOLTERS Lara"
2019-09-27T00:34:23.888289dossiererrorno mepid found for "WOLTERS Lara"
2019-09-27T00:34:25.787474dossiererrorno mepid found for "WOLTERS Lara"
2019-09-27T00:34:25.833106dossiererrorno mepid found for "WOLTERS Lara"
2019-09-27T00:34:25.937437dossiererrorno mepid found for "WOLTERS Lara"
2019-09-27T00:34:26.340001dossiererrorno mepid found for "WOLTERS Lara"
2019-09-27T00:34:28.166518dossiererrorno mepid found for "WOLTERS Lara"
2019-09-27T02:08:30.427884pvoteerrorfailed to parse xml from url:
2019-09-27T02:08:30.448488mgrerrorfailed to execute pvote job {'term': 8, 'date': '2019-02-14'} (XMLSyntaxError(None))
2019-09-27T02:08:30.458613mgrerrorTraceback (most recent call last):
File "/home/pt/pt2/", line 63, in consume
    ret = scraper.scrape(**job)
  File "scrapers/", line 120, in scrape
    url, root = getXML(term, date)
  File "scrapers/", line 102, in getXML
    return _get(url_templates[template], term,_date)
  File "scrapers/", line 94, in _get
    xml = fromstring(raw)
  File "src/lxml/etree.pyx", line 3222, in lxml.etree.fromstring
  File "src/lxml/parser.pxi", line 1877, in lxml.etree._parseMemoryDocument
  File "src/lxml/parser.pxi", line 1765, in lxml.etree._parseDoc
  File "src/lxml/parser.pxi", line 1127, in lxml.etree._BaseParser._parseDoc
  File "src/lxml/parser.pxi", line 601, in lxml.etree._ParserContext._handleParseResultDoc
  File "src/lxml/parser.pxi", line 711, in lxml.etree._handleParseResult
  File "src/lxml/parser.pxi", line 651, in lxml.etree._raiseParseError
  File "", line 0