Summary for scraper logs from the 2019-10-10

Summary of log messages


Summary of changes

mep 0 28
dossier 11 45
amendment 1685 0
mep_activity 665 0
comagenda 0 8
pvote 2 1

Unknown MEPs

NIEBLER Professor Doktor Angelika2
REGO Sira2
GAMBUS MILLET Francisco de Paula1
BUZEK Professor Jerzy1
Giorgos Georgiou Draft motion for a resolution1
Peter Liese Draft motion for a resolution1
María Soraya Rodríguez Ramos Draft motion for a resolution1
Christophe Hansen Draft motion for a resolution1
Jytte Guteland Draft motion for a resolution1

Log Entries

2019-10-10T00:19:32.952800meperrorfailed to extract findecl from
2019-10-10T00:22:26.465472dossiererrorthis url returns a hard 404:
2019-10-10T00:23:16.339086dossiererrorthis url returns a hard 404:
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2019-10-10T00:26:29.863228dossiererrorthis url returns a hard 404:
2019-10-10T00:26:40.561654dossiererrorno content found for section "Attention!" of 2015/2542(DEA)
2019-10-10T00:26:40.642210dossiererrorno content found for section "Delegated act was actually rejected!" of 2015/2542(DEA)
2019-10-10T00:26:40.901734dossiererrorthis url returns a hard 404:
2019-10-10T00:27:54.055280dossiererrorthis url returns a hard 404:
2019-10-10T00:27:54.642010dossiererrorthis url returns a hard 404:
2019-10-10T00:27:55.248596dossiererrorthis url returns a hard 404:
2019-10-10T00:28:00.800230dossiererrorno mepid found for "NIEBLER Professor Doktor Angelika"
2019-10-10T00:28:02.017118dossiererrorno mepid found for "NIEBLER Professor Doktor Angelika"
2019-10-10T00:28:54.374473dossiererrorno mepid found for "GAMBUS MILLET Francisco de Paula"
2019-10-10T00:30:07.286924dossiererrorno mepid found for "REGO Sira"
2019-10-10T00:30:10.023582dossiererrorthis url returns a hard 404:
2019-10-10T00:30:26.137202dossiererrorno mepid found for "BUZEK Professor Jerzy"
2019-10-10T00:31:18.904650dossiererrorno mepid found for "WOLTERS Lara"
2019-10-10T00:33:27.906918dossiererrorno mepid found for "MIRANDA PAZ Ana Maria"
2019-10-10T00:33:40.838109dossiererrorno mepid found for "REGO Sira"
2019-10-10T00:34:28.669121dossiererrorno mepid found for "WOLTERS Lara"
2019-10-10T00:34:29.387638dossiererrorno mepid found for "WOLTERS Lara"
2019-10-10T00:34:30.434503dossiererrorno mepid found for "WOLTERS Lara"
2019-10-10T00:34:30.438774dossiererrorno mepid found for "WOLTERS Lara"
2019-10-10T00:34:30.457501dossiererrorno mepid found for "WOLTERS Lara"
2019-10-10T00:34:31.814131dossiererrorno mepid found for "WOLTERS Lara"
2019-10-10T00:34:32.184279dossiererrorno mepid found for "WOLTERS Lara"
2019-10-10T00:34:32.213513dossiererrorno mepid found for "WOLTERS Lara"
2019-10-10T00:34:32.254028dossiererrorno mepid found for "WOLTERS Lara"
2019-10-10T00:34:32.371715dossiererrorno mepid found for "WOLTERS Lara"
2019-10-10T00:34:34.458418dossiererrorno mepid found for "WOLTERS Lara"
2019-10-10T00:34:34.922282dossiererrorno mepid found for "WOLTERS Lara"
2019-10-10T00:34:37.143272dossiererrorno mepid found for "WOLTERS Lara"
2019-10-10T00:34:37.330885dossiererrorno mepid found for "WOLTERS Lara"
2019-10-10T00:34:41.630848dossiererrorno mepid found for "WOLTERS Lara"
2019-10-10T00:34:41.690184dossiererrorno mepid found for "WOLTERS Lara"
2019-10-10T00:34:41.707106dossiererrorno mepid found for "WOLTERS Lara"
2019-10-10T00:34:41.728023dossiererrorno mepid found for "WOLTERS Lara"
2019-10-10T00:34:43.526381dossiererrorno mepid found for "WOLTERS Lara"
2019-10-10T00:34:43.785226dossiererrorno mepid found for "WOLTERS Lara"
2019-10-10T00:34:43.798988dossiererrorno mepid found for "WOLTERS Lara"
2019-10-10T00:34:43.817255dossiererrorno mepid found for "WOLTERS Lara"
2019-10-10T00:34:43.845307dossiererrorno mepid found for "WOLTERS Lara"
2019-10-10T00:34:43.857408dossiererrorno mepid found for "WOLTERS Lara"
2019-10-10T00:34:43.888538dossiererrorno mepid found for "WOLTERS Lara"
2019-10-10T00:34:43.898668dossiererrorno mepid found for "WOLTERS Lara"
2019-10-10T00:34:45.394051dossiererrorno mepid found for "WOLTERS Lara"
2019-10-10T00:34:46.007435dossiererrorno mepid found for "WOLTERS Lara"
2019-10-10T00:34:46.017660dossiererrorno mepid found for "WOLTERS Lara"
2019-10-10T00:34:46.026838dossiererrorno mepid found for "WOLTERS Lara"
2019-10-10T00:34:46.066158dossiererrorno mepid found for "WOLTERS Lara"
2019-10-10T00:34:46.168313dossiererrorno mepid found for "WOLTERS Lara"
2019-10-10T00:36:31.591812dbwarningno mepid found for "Giorgos Georgiou Draft motion for a resolution"
2019-10-10T00:36:53.534239dbwarningno mepid found for "Peter Liese Draft motion for a resolution"
2019-10-10T00:36:55.136170dbwarningno mepid found for "María Soraya Rodríguez Ramos Draft motion for a resolution"
2019-10-10T00:37:49.128335dbwarningno mepid found for "Christophe Hansen Draft motion for a resolution"
2019-10-10T00:38:02.491461dbwarningno mepid found for "Jytte Guteland Draft motion for a resolution"