1 Amendments of Niels FUGLSANG related to 2019/2126(INI)

Amendment 64 #
Draft opinion
Paragraph 5
5. Calls on the EIB group to be more transparent about its economic operations including to develop a responsible tax policy to avoid the non-transparent and unintended use of tax havens via investments in private equity funds as has been documented by the 2016 Counter Balance report1a, its use of the EU budget guarantee, the additionality of EIB operations and on possible future plans for a development subsidiary at the EIB, and for the EIB group to improve its accountability on these issues; calls for a memorandum of understanding between the EIB and Parliament to improve access to EIB documents and data related to strategic orientation and financing policies in the future in order to strengthen the Bank’s accountability. _________________ 1aCounter Balance 2016: The dark side of EIB funds: How the EU’s bank supports non-transparent investment funds based in tax havens.
Committee: ECON