1 Amendments of Martina ANDERSON related to 2017/2044(BUD)

Amendment 173 #
Motion for a resolution
Paragraph 65 a (new)
65 a. Recalls the 2013 Fox-Häfner report, which estimated the costs of the geographic dispersion of the Parliament to be between EUR 156 million and EUR 204 million and equivalent to 10 % of the Parliament's budget; notes the finding that 78 % of all missions by Parliament statutory staff arise as a direct result of the Parliament's geographic dispersion; emphasises that the report also estimates the environmental impact of the geographic dispersion to be between 11,000 to 19,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions; reiterates the negative public perception caused by this dispersion and calls therefore for a roadmap to a single seat and a reduction in the relevant budget lines;
Committee: BUDG