1 Amendments of Sophocles SOPHOCLEOUS related to 2012/2318(INI)

Amendment 90 #
Motion for a resolution
Paragraph 18
18. Notes that the recent discoveries of natural gas in the eastern Mediterranean have led Turkey, Russia and Israel toto increased naval presence in the region; further notes the escalation of tension, resulting from Turkey's endeavours to increase theirits naval strength in the Eastern Mediterranean, which causinges direct concern for EU Member States Greece and Cyprus; further notes the implications of the unresolved dispute with Turkey and the escalation of tension resulting from the intended exploitation of Cyprus offshore oil reserves; urges the EU, therefore, to act in asserting its position in order to avoid conflict over natural resources in the Mediterranean and consequential security threats for EU Member States in the area, which could ultimately affect the EU as a whole, while defending the sovereign rights of EU Member States which include, inter alia, entering into bilateral agreements, and to explore and exploit their natural resources in accordance with the EU acquis and international law, including the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea;
Committee: AFET