1 Amendments of Martina WERNER related to 2016/2072(INI)

Amendment 117 #
Motion for a resolution
Paragraph 2
2. Calls on the Commission to design its future policies based on the followinglatest definition of CCIs: ‘cultural and creative industries are those industries that are based on cultural values, individual creativity, skills and talent with the potential to create wealth and jobs through generating value from intellectual property. They include the following sectors relying on cultural and creativ by UNESCO1a as activities whose principal purpose is production or reproduction, promotion, distribution or commercialization of goods, services and activities of a cultural, artistic or heritage-related nature. They include the following sectors: advertising, architecture, books (including scientific, technical and medical books), gaming, music, movie (inputs: architecture, archives and libraries, artistic crafts, audio-visual (including film, television, video games and multimedia), cultural heritage, design, creativity-driven high-end industries and fashion, festivals, music, performing arts, books and publishing, radio and visual arts’;cluding motion picture production, post-production and distribution), newspapers and magazines (including business to client, business to business and news agencies), performing arts, radio, TV (programming, production and broadcasting including cable and satellite) and visual arts; __________________ 1a"Cultural times", The first global map of cultural and creative industries, UNESCO / Ernest & Young, December 2015, page 11; link: LTIMEDIA/HQ/ERI/pdf/EY-Cultural- Times2015_Low-res.pdf
Committee: ITRECULT