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OPINION on discharge in respect of the implementation of the general budget of the European Union for the financial year 2013, Section III – Commission and executive agencies
Committee: TRAN
Dossiers: 2014/2075(DEC)
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Amendment 5 #
Draft opinion
Paragraph 3
3. Notes that in 2013, the Court of Auditors audited eight transactions in the transport sector and found that five of them were affected by one or more errors; draws attention to the increase of the percentage of affected transactions in 2013 (62 %) compared to 2012 (49 %) and is concerned that, as in previous years, the Court has found several errors in relation to non- compliance with Union and national procurement rules for the TEN-T projects examined; takes note that as in the preceding year 2012, once more in 2013, DG MOVE did not issue a reservation related to public procurement errors; insists, therefore, that the Commission undertakes the necessary measures in order to exclude such errors in the future; notes that it is of outmost importance to extend the ex-ante and ex-post control of the beneficiaries of Commission grants, funding and financing, in order to avoid the misuse of the Community allocation of resources;
Committee: TRAN