1 Amendments of Georgios KYRTSOS related to 2022/2007(INI)

Amendment 159 #
Motion for a resolution
Paragraph 1 – point f
(f) Pursue an active EU role in facilitating dialogue and cooperation among all the countries of the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean that have relevant natural gas reserves, promoting, where necessary, the capacity for understanding and final settlements on maritime border demarcation according to the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), and further promoting the interconnection capacity between countries in the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean that produce natural gas and the European Union, through relevant EU hubs and considering, in particular, adequate pipeline, harbour and regasification infrastructures and technology both in the EU and in Southern Neighbourhood countries for the benefit of all producer countries and all Member States; promoting also electrical interconnection in the scope of diversifying EU's energy resources and increasing its energy supply from renewable energy sources;
Committee: AFET