1 Amendments of Constanze KREHL related to 2017/2208(INI)

Amendment 143 #
Motion for a resolution
Paragraph 17 a (new)
17a. Believes that the measures linking the effectiveness of ESI Funds to sound economic governance as outlined in Regulation 1303/2013 should be carefully analysed, including through the involvement of all the stakeholders; furthermore, believes its rationale should be rethought, with a view to the next programming period and taking into account its 2014-2020 implementation; is of the opinion that the Commission should consider adjustments regarding the link of the European Semester to cohesion policy; in this regard, suggests a system of positive incentives, with margins to be created in the new MFF, that could serve as an envelope which can be used when member states comply with the Country Specific Recommendations (CSR) and other requirements under the European Semester;
Committee: REGI