2 Reports of Daniel COHN-BENDIT

Report on the Commission Report on prospects for the development of regional cooperation for the countries of the former Yugoslavia, and what the Community could do to foster such cooperation (SEC(96)0252 - C4-0274/96 and the Commission report on "Common principles for future contractual relations with certain countries in South-Eastern Europe" (COM(96)0476 - C4-0644/96) - Committee on Foreign Affairs, Security and Defence Policy PDF (64 KB)
Dossiers: 1996/2076(COS)
Documents: PDF(64 KB)
Report on relations between the European Union and the Arab Maghreb Union: a privileged partnership - Committee on Foreign Affairs, Human Rights, Common Security and Defence Policy PDF (134 KB) DOC (67 KB)
Committee: AFET
Dossiers: 2001/2027(INI)
Documents: PDF(134 KB) DOC(67 KB)