1 Amendments of Helmut GEUKING related to 2019/2169(INI)

Amendment 141 #
Draft opinion
Paragraph 5
5. Is deeply worried about violence and harassment in the world of workthe prominence of psychological and physical violence in the European Union of diversity, particularly in the form of harmful, gender-specific norms and stereotypes: in the home. This violence affects all children and young people from all social strata and in all Member States equally, with no gender differentiation and irrespective of any migrant background; such children and young people are the future vectors of damaging, gender-specific norms and stereotypes; families should be a place of security and should not deprive children and young people of basic trust. Domestic and informal kinds of violence and particularly gender-specific norms and stereotypes deprive children and young people of their basic trust from a very early age and thereby of the chance to achieve the welcome aim of the Commission, namely that girls and boys, women and men in all their diversity shall be equal and can freely organise their lives and make full use of their potential. They lay the foundations for a continuation of the various forms of violence across society and thus also in the world of work in the European Union; Only access to intercultural education, free from gender-specific norms and stereotypes, for all children and young people can help prevent this; calls on the Commission to implement the international #WithHer campaign, which aims to combat harmful, gender-specific norms and stereotypes which perpetuate violence against girls (who become women), in the European Union, suitably adapted and in a targeted way in all the Member States, gender-neutrally for all children and young people from all social strata and irrespective of their origin; calls on the Commission to propose a directive on a holistic approach to combatting violence against women; calls on Member States to ratify and implement the Istanbul Convention and ILO Convention No 190 on violence and harassment;
Committee: EMPL