6 Shadow opinions of Leszek MILLER

OPINION on artificial intelligence: questions of interpretation and application of international law in so far as the EU is affected in the areas of civil and military uses and of state authority outside the scope of criminal justice
Committee: IMCO
Dossiers: 2020/2013(INI)
Documents: PDF(129 KB) DOC(66 KB)
Authors: [{'name': 'Andreas SCHWAB', 'mepid': 28223}]
Opinion on Guidelines for the 2022 Budget - Section III
Committee: IMCO
Documents: PDF(103 KB) DOC(62 KB)
Authors: [{'name': 'Eugen JURZYCA', 'mepid': 197767}]
OPINION European Union regulatory fitness and subsidiarity and proportionality -----– report on Better Law Making covering the years 2017, 2018 and 2019
Committee: IMCO
Dossiers: 2020/2262(INI)
Documents: PDF(138 KB) DOC(48 KB)
Authors: [{'name': 'Barbara THALER', 'mepid': 197667}]
OPINION on an intellectual property action plan to support the EU’s recovery and resilience
Committee: IMCO
Dossiers: 2021/2007(INI)
Documents: PDF(139 KB) DOC(75 KB)
Authors: [{'name': 'Vlad-Marius BOTOŞ', 'mepid': 197668}]
OPINION on Protecting workers from asbestos
Committee: IMCO
Dossiers: 2019/2182(INL)
Documents: PDF(141 KB) DOC(54 KB)
Authors: [{'name': 'Anne-Sophie PELLETIER', 'mepid': 197527}]
OPINION General budget of the European Union for the financial year 2023 - all sections
Committee: IMCO
Dossiers: 2022/0212(BUD)
Documents: PDF(146 KB) DOC(67 KB)
Authors: [{'name': 'Andreas SCHWAB', 'mepid': 28223}]