5 Plenary speeches of Krzysztof BREJZA

The need for unwavering EU support for Ukraine, after two years of Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine (debate)
Multiannual financial framework for the years 2021 to 2027 - Establishing the Ukraine Facility - Establishing the Strategic Technologies for Europe Platform (‘STEP’) (joint debate - multiannual financial framework revision)
Dossiers: 2023/0200(COD)
Recent revelations of spying on Members of the European Parliament and the lack of follow up on the PEGA committee recommendations (debate)
Strengthening European Defence in a volatile geopolitical landscape - Implementation of the common foreign and security policy – annual report 2023 - Implementation of the common security and defence policy – annual report 2023 (joint debate - European security and defence)
The use of Russian frozen assets to support Ukraine’s victory and reconstruction (debate)