1 Amendments of Sharon BOWLES related to 2011/0417(COD)

Amendment 37 #
Proposal for a regulation
Recital 1
(1) Venture capital provides finance to undertakings that are generally very small, in the initial stages of their corporate existence and display a strong potential for growth and expansion. Although venture capital funds often invest in start-up undertakings, there are instances where it is appropriate to make transformative investments in undertakings that have been established for more than five years. In addition, venture capital funds provide these undertakings with valuable expertise and knowledge, business contacts, brand- equity and strategic advice. By providing finance and advice to these undertakings, venture capital funds stimulates economic growth, contribute to the creation of jobs, boost innovative undertakings, increase their investment in research and development and foster entrepreneurship, innovation and competitiveness in the Union.
Committee: ECON