Activities of Monica FRASSONI related to 2008/2025(BUD)

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Amendment 52 #
Motion for a resolution
Paragraph 55 a (new)
55a. Points out that the Commission has indicated that, in 2006, 833,65 administrators and 244,78 assistants, spread over 10 Directorates General, the Legal Service and the Secretariat General, were working on the management and enforcement of Community law; regrets that the Commission has not been able to give details as regards the number of officials working specifically on infringement procedures; notes, furthermore, the reply by the Secretary General of the Commission that the Commission is not in a position to give an overview of spending on "better regulation" because expenditure related to impact assessment, simplification, quality of legislation and evaluation is spread throughout the whole budget both in operational and administrative lines and no posting criteria exist in the Commission's accounting system; points out nevertheless that in its screening report of 24 April 2007 the Commission has indicated that 0,5 % of staff work on evaluation; looks forward to receiving updated and more detailed information from the Commission; furthermore, draws attention to policy area 25 of the budget and observes that the Commission proposes the same amount of expenditure as in 2008 for the impact assessment board ( EUR 0,2 million ), and the "frais de contentieux" (EUR 4,2 million), but a cut of 35,5 % on the line for codification of Community law (2 million as against 3,1 million in 2008);
Committee: BUDG