4 Written declarations of Martine ROURE

Written declaration on equal recognition of civil partnerships

Documents: PDF(76 KB) DOC(35 KB)
Authors: Sharon BOWLES, Elspeth ATTWOOLL, Martine ROURE, Caroline LUCAS, Anders WIJKMAN
Written declaration on primates in scientific experiments

Documents: PDF(75 KB) DOC(38 KB)
Authors: Jens HOLM, Rebecca HARMS, John BOWIS, Martine ROURE, Mojca DRČAR MURKO
Written declaration on women's right to self-determination and adequate sex education and family planning in the European Union

Documents: PDF(78 KB) DOC(38 KB)
Authors: Katalin LÉVAI, Martine ROURE, Anne VAN LANCKER, Eva-Britt SVENSSON, Lissy GRÖNER
Written declaration on the eradication of poverty in Europe as the basis for a fairer European social model