1 Amendments of Alf SVENSSON related to 2013/2052(INI)

Amendment 47 #
Motion for a resolution
Paragraph 1 – point j
(j) to call for Malaysia to protect the constitutional rights of all Malaysians to freedom of religion and to promote interreligious good relations and tolerance; to condemn, in this connection, the demolition of Hindu temples in 2006 and the attacks on Christian churches in 2010, and to express regret atcondemn the recent political and judicial interventions in relation to well- established linguistic uses; to call for the Christians to be able to exercise fully their constitutional right to practise their religion according to their traditions and without interference or fear of prosecution; to call for all Malaysians to enjoy the right to decide their own religious affiliation freely and without administrative or legal hindrance;, to call for the speedy removal of the current administrative and legal obstacles to Muslims who convert to Christianity or Hinduism, and to call for the state to offer such converts protection from prosecution; to call for Malaysia to amend, in the interests of religious freedom, the laws prohibiting missionary activity by non-Muslims, laws which exist in 10 of the 13 states of Malaysia and impose long prison sentences and flogging for those who break them.
Committee: AFET