1 Amendments of Sven GIEGOLD related to 2016/0371(CNS)

Amendment 21 #
Proposal for a regulation
Article 1 – paragraph 1 – point 5a (new)
Regulation (EU) No 904/2010
Article 50 – paragraph 1
1. When the competent authority of a Member State receives inform(5a) In Article 50, the first paragraph is replaced by the following: " 1. Where a Member State provides a wider cooperation fromto a third country, that authority may pass the information on to the competent authorities of Member States which might be interested in it and, in any event, to all those which request it, in so far as permitted by assistance arrangements with that particular thirdn that provided for under this Directive, that member State may not refuse to provide such wider cooperation to any other Member State wishing to enter into such mutual wider cooperation with that Member State. " Or. en ( country. ent/EN/TXT/?qid=1498658257406&uri=CELEX:02010R0904-20130701)
Committee: ECON