Subject "2.60.04 Economic concentration, mergers, takeover bids, holding companies"

Dossiers (23)

Procedural and jurisdictional aspects of EU merger control. Evaluation. Executive summary
Procedural and jurisdictional aspects of EU merger control. Evaluation
Cross-border conversions, mergers and divisions
Credit institutions and investment firms: exclusion from the application of write-down or conversion powers
Cross border mergers and divisions
Application of Directive 2004/25/EC on takeover bids
Company law and corporate governance: interconnection of central, commercial and company registers
Declaration on investigating and remedying abuse of power by large supermarkets operating in the European Union
Mergers and divisions: reporting and documentation requirements
Common system of taxation applicable to mergers, divisions, partial divisions, transfers of assets and exchanges of shares concerning companies of different Member States and to the transfer of the registered office of an SE or SCE between Member States. Codification
Mergers of public limited liability companies. Codification
Cross-border mergers of limited liability companies
Companies of different Member States: taxation of mergers, divisions, transfers of assets, exchanges of shares (amend. Directive 90/434/EC)
Economic concentrations: revision of the Merger Regulation (EEC) No 4064/89. Green Paper
Control of concentrations between undertakings. EC Merger Regulation
Company law: takeover bids
Resolution on mergers in the telecommunications sector
Merger control, green paper (amend. regul. 4064/89/EEC)
Control of concentrations between undertakings (amend. regul. 4064/89/EEC)
Company law: takeover bids, protection of shareholders, workers rights to information, 13th directive
Company taxation: common system for mergers, divisions, transfers of assets and exchange of shares
Company law: takeover and other general bids, 13th Directive
Transfrontier mergers of limited companies, 10th Directive