Subject " Information programmes and action plans"

Dossiers (17)

Implementation of the Action Plan Against Disinformation. Report
EU eGovernment action plan 2016-2020
Internet of Things
Building a European policy on broadband
European communication policy with citizens. White paper
Information society, eEurope: good practices and network security, extension of the MODINIS programme in 2006
European digital content: quality, access, use and exploitation, eContentplus. 2005-2008 programme
Internet: 2005-2008 action programme on promoting a safer use, Safer Internet plus.
Information society, eEurope 2005: action plan, Seville European Council, 21-22 June 2002
Multiannual action plan on promoting safer use of the Internet: extension to 2004
Information society, eContent: European digital content, linguistic diversity. 2001-2004 programme
Research RTD, 5th EC framework-programme 1998-2002: Specific programme "user-friendly information society"
Internet: multiannual action plan on promoting safer use
Information Society in Europe: multiannual community programme 1998-2002 PROMISE
Information society: multiannual programme to promote the linguistic diversity of Europe (MLIS)
Information society: European multimedia content industry, INFO 2000 multi-annual programme
Europe's way to the information society: an action plan