2 Amendments of Giles CHICHESTER related to 2007/0247(COD)

Amendment 492 #
Proposal for a directive – amending act
Article 1 – point 11 – point b
Directive 2002/21/EC
Article 10 – paragraph 4 – subparagraph 1
4. Member States shall support harmonisation in numbering within the Community where that promotes the functioning of the internal market or supports the development of pan-European services without detrimental effects for existing services. The Commission may take appropriate technical implementing measures on this matter, which may include establishing tariff principles for specific numbers or number rangto ensure cross-border access to national numbering used for essential services such as directory enquiries. The implementing measures may grant the Authority specific responsibilities in the application of those measures.
Committee: ITRE
Amendment 763 #
Proposal for a directive – amending act
Article 3 – point 3
Directive 2002/20/EC
Article 5 – paragraph 6
6. National regulatory authorities shall ensure that radio frequencies arespectrum is efficiently and effectively used in accordance with Article 9(2) of Directive 2002/21/EC (Framework Directive). They shall also ensure competition is not distorted as a result of any transfer or accumulation of radio frequencies usage rights. For such purposes, Member States may take appropriate measures such as reducing, withdrawing or forcing the sale of a right to use radio frequencies.
Committee: ITRE