1 Amendments of Jan HUITEMA related to 2021/0366(COD)

Amendment 829 #
Proposal for a regulation
Article 32 – paragraph 1
1. No later than two years after the entry into force, the Commission shall carry out a first review of this Regulation, and shall present a report to the European Parliament and the Council accompanied, if appropriate, by a legislative proposal. The report shall focus in particular on an evaluation of: (a) the need and the feasibility of extending the scope of this Regulation to other ecosystems, including land with high carbon stocks and land with a high biodiversity value such as grasslands, peatlands and wetlands and further commodities; (b) the impact of this Regulation on maintaining a level playing field for European farmers, producers and manufacturers using commodities and products listed in Annex I, who are subject to competition of third country imports of commodities and products other than, but strongly linked to, those listed in Annex I.
Committee: ENVI