Activities of Leonidas DONSKIS related to 2011/2157(INI)

Shadow opinions (1)

OPINION on the review of the European Neighbourhood Policy
Committee: DEVE
Dossiers: 2011/2157(INI)
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Amendments (2)

Amendment 132 #
Motion for a resolution
Paragraph 8
8. Considers that human rights situations should be continuously monitored and that an annual assessment of the situation cshould be included in the annex to the annual progress report of each partner country with a clear mechanism to reconsider andof evaluation, including provisions of how to progressively limit bilateral cooperation if human rights violations are confirmed;
Committee: AFET
Amendment 280 #
Motion for a resolution
Paragraph 24
24. Recalls that the EU should get more involved and play a more active and constructive role in resolution of regional conflicts by developing more confidence- building measuresacting in a more unified, coherent and committed manner, considering new pragmatic and innovative approaches, including launching public communication strategies in partner countries, supporting civic culturel society and community dialogue and strengthening good- neighbourly relations;
Committee: AFET