Subject "2.50 Free movement of capital"

Dossiers (24)

Monitoring progress towards a Capital Markets Union: a toolkit of indicators
Movement of capital and the freedom of payments
Movement of capital and freedom of payments
A Capital Markets Union for people and businesses - new action plan
A European Withholding Tax framework
Decision to raise no objections to the draft Commission regulation amending Commission Regulation (EC) No 1126/2008 adopting certain international accounting standards in accordance with Regulation (EC) No 1606/2002 of the European Parliament and of the Council as regards International Financial Reporting Standard 16
Further development of the Capital Markets Union (CMU): improving access to capital market finance, in particular by SMEs, and further enabling retail investor participation
Regulating virtual currencies and initial coin offerings
Cross-border distribution of collective investment funds: marketing and regulatory fees
Cross-border distribution of collective investment funds: pre-marketing and de-notification
Additional liquidity outflows corresponding to collateral needs resulting from the impact of an adverse market scenario on an institution’s derivatives transactions
Capital market union
Resolution on the building a capital markets union
Stocktaking and challenges of the EU Financial Services Regulation: impact and the way forward towards a more efficient and effective EU framework for financial regulation and a capital markets union
European venture capital funds
Green Paper on retail financial services in the Single Market
Green Paper on market-based instruments for environment and related policy purposes
Asset management II
Capital market: International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and the governance of the IASB
Insider dealing and market manipulation (market abuse): implementing powers conferred on the Commission
International accounting standards: implementing powers conferred on the Commission
Financial markets: insider dealing and market abuse (repeal. Directive 89/592/EEC)
Capital market, financial services: application of international accounting standards
Taxation: Common system of withholding tax on interest income