Subject "4 Economic, social and territorial cohesion"

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8th cohesion report: Cohesion in Europe towards 2050. Accompanying document
Establishment of National Productivity Boards. Follow-up of the progress report
8th cohesion report: Cohesion in Europe towards 2050
The EU’s capacity and freedom to act. 2021 Strategic foresight report
Strategic Foresight – Charting the course towards a more resilient Europe. 2020 Strategic foresight report
Economic and social situation of Gozo (Malta). 2019 report
Economic, social and territorial cohesion in the EU: the 8th Cohesion Report
Social and employment crisis in the COVID-19 pandemic and the EU's response in the Recovery Plan and the MFF
Resolution on an action plan for nature, people and the economy
Strengthening economic, social and territorial cohesion in the European Union: 7th report of the European Commission
Economic, social and territorial cohesion; Investment for growth and jobs goal; European territorial cooperation goal: resources
Perspectives and review of the EU 2020 strategy
Investment for jobs and growth: promoting economic, social and territorial cohesion in the Union
European Commission's seventh and eight progress reports on the EU cohesion policy and the 2013 strategic report on programme implementation 2007-2013
Enhanced cooperation in the area of financial transaction tax
Statute for a European Foundation (FE)
Resolution on the contribution of the common fisheries policy to the production of public goods
Optimising the role of territorial development in cohesion policy
Urban re-development as contribution to economic growth in the framework of the EU cohesion policy
EC 5th cohesion report and strategy for the post-2013 cohesion policy
European Regional Development Fund (ERDF): support to the European territorial cooperation goal 2014-2020
European grouping of territorial cooperation (EGTC): clarification, simplification and improvement of the establishment and functioning of such groupings
Resolution on Europe 2020
Resolution on the European strategy for the economic and social development of mountain regions, islands and sparsely populated areas
Broad Economic Policy Guidelines and enhanced economic governance (including the governance of the euro) in the context of the Europe 2020 Strategy
Resolution on EU 2020
Difficult monetary, economic and social situation of eurozone countries
Financial, economic and social crisis: recommendations concerning the measures and initiatives to be taken. Final report
Reducing health inequalities in the EU
GDP and beyond - Measuring progress in a changing world
Long-term sustainability of public finances for a recovering economy
International Fund for Ireland: EU financial contributions 2007-2010
Achieving real territorial, social and economic cohesion within the EU - a sine qua non condition for global competitiveness?
Financial, economic and social crisis: recommendations concerning the measures and initiatives to be taken. Mid-term report
Cohesion policy: investing in the real economy
European Year of Volunteering 2011
Resolution on the input to the Spring 2009 European Council in relation to the Lisbon Strategy
European grouping of territorial cooperation
Renewed social agenda
Social situation of the Roma and their improved access to the labour market in the EU
European initiative for the development of micro-credit in support of growth and employment
European initiative for the development of micro-credit in support of growth and employment
Complementarities and coordination of cohesion policy with rural development measures
European Year of Creativity and Innovation 2009
Resolution on the input for the 2008 Spring Council as regards the Lisbon Strategy
Mid-term review of industrial policy: a contribution to the EU's growth and jobs strategy
Impact of cohesion policy on the integration of vulnerable communities and groups
Follow-up of the Territorial Agenda and the Leipzig Charter - Towards a European action programme for spatial development and territorial cohesion
Role of volunteering in contributing to economic and social cohesion
4th report on economic and social cohesion
Social reality stocktaking
Corporate social responsibility: implementing the partnership for growth and jobs
International Fund for Ireland: Community financial contributions 2007-2010
Growth and jobs: cohesion policy, Community strategic guidelines, 2007-2013
European social model for the future
The social situation in the European Union
Economic and social cohesion: regional trends, debate on future developments: 2nd interim report
Corporate social responsibility, contribution to sustainable development
Economic and social cohesion: consequences of enlargement, policy after 2006. 1st report
Undertakings: corporate social responsibility, integration of social and environment. Green Paper
Economic and social cohesion. 2nd report
AGENDA 2000: economic and social cohesion
Economic and social cohesion. 1st report