Subject "4.40.03 Primary and secondary school, European Schools, early childhood"

Dossiers (26)

2017 observance of the International Day of the Family: promoting the role of parents in safeguarding good-quality education for their children
Decision on the opening of, and mandate for, interinstitutional negotiations on Aid scheme for the supply of fruit and vegetables, bananas and milk in the educational establishments
Learning EU at school
National or regional strategy to be drawn up by Member States for the purpose of the school milk scheme
Granting of aid for accompanying measures in the framework of a School Fruit and Vegetables Scheme
Aid scheme for the supply of fruit and vegetables, bananas and milk in the educational establishments
Declaration on the introduction of the programme ‘Chess in School' in the educational systems of the European Union
Tackling early school leaving
European Schools' system
Erasmus+ programme for education, training, youth and sport 2014-2020
Early years learning in the European Union
Progress in reforming the European Schools
Better schools: an agenda for European cooperation
Educating the children of migrants
Initiatives to complement national school curricula providing appropriate teaching materials to include the European Dimension
Special report by the European Ombudsman following the complaint 1391/2002/JMA against the European schools
Immigrant communities' integration in Europe through multilingual schools and education
Consultation on options for developing the European Schools system
The role of schools and school education in maximizing public access to culture
The future financing of the European Schools
Community action programme in the field of education "Socrates", second phase: application of cofinancing requirement
Basic education in developing countries: United Nations session on the rights of the child in September 2001
Implementation of Socrates programme
School education: European cooperation in quality evaluation. Recommendation
Education, training: Community action programme Socrates, 2nd phase 2000-2004
Community action programme 'Socrates'