Subject "5.10.02 Price policy, price stabilisation"

Dossiers (15)

Tackling the inflation in food prices and its social consequences and root causes
Gender aspects of the rising cost of living and the impact of the energy crisis
Tackle the cost of living crisis: increase pay, tax profits, stop speculation
EU initiatives to address the rising cost of living
Requirement for prices to reflect prevailing market conditions; updating and correcting certain provisions
Harmonised indices of consumer prices and house price index
Resolution on rising food prices
Fair revenues for farmers: a better functioning food supply chain in Europe
Resolution on getting a grip on energy prices
Measures to combat the rise in oil prices
Resolution on rising food prices in the EU and the developing countries
Resolution on rising feed and food prices
Macro-economic impact of the increase in the price of energy
Price policy: common rules for the provision of basic information on Purchasing Power Parities PPPs, for their calculation and dissemination
Consumer price indices CPI: approximation