6 Shadow opinions of Laura HUHTASAARI

OPINION on recommendations on the negotiations for a new partnership with the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Committee: AFCO
Dossiers: 2020/2023(INI)
Documents: PDF(154 KB) DOC(73 KB)
Authors: [{'name': 'Danuta Maria HÜBNER', 'mepid': 96779}]
OPINION on the recommendation to the Council and the Vice-President of the Commission / High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy concerning the implementation and governance of Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO)
Committee: AFCO
Dossiers: 2020/2080(INI)
Documents: PDF(130 KB) DOC(70 KB)
Authors: [{'name': 'Esteban GONZÁLEZ PONS', 'mepid': 125027}]
Opinion on General guidelines for the preparation of the 2022 budget, Section III – Commission
Committee: AFCO
Documents: PDF(97 KB) DOC(61 KB)
Authors: [{'name': 'Antonio TAJANI', 'mepid': 2187}]
OPINION on the review of the macroeconomic legislative framework for a better impact on Europe’s real economy and improved transparency of decision-making and democratic accountability
Committee: AFCO
Dossiers: 2020/2075(INI)
Documents: PDF(127 KB) DOC(52 KB)
Authors: [{'name': 'Leila CHAIBI', 'mepid': 197529}]
OPINION on the implementation report on the EU Trust Funds and the Facility for Refugees in Turkey
Committee: LIBE
Dossiers: 2020/2045(INI)
Documents: PDF(165 KB) DOC(82 KB)
Authors: [{'name': 'Sira REGO', 'mepid': 197681}]
OPINION on the draft general budget of the European Union for the financial year 2022 - General Introduction - Total expenditure - General statement of revenue - Statement of revenue and expenditure by section
Committee: AFCO
Dossiers: 2021/0227(BUD)
Documents: PDF(126 KB) DOC(67 KB)
Authors: [{'name': 'Antonio TAJANI', 'mepid': 2187}]