Subject "3.70.17 European ecolabel and ecolabelling, ecodesign"

Dossiers (26)

Model of the certificate attesting compliance with the rules on organic production
Organic production rules on sprouted seeds and chicory heads, on feed for certain aquaculture animals and on aquaculture parasite treatments
Specific criteria and conditions for the checks of documentary accounts in the framework of official controls in organic production and the official controls of groups of operators
Requirements for groups of operators
Decision to raise no objections to the draft Commission regulation amending Regulations (EU) 2019/424, (EU) 2019/1781, (EU) 2019/2019, (EU) 2019/2020, (EU) 2019/2021, (EU) 2019/2022, (EU) 2019/2023 and (EU) 2019/2024 with regard to ecodesign requirements for servers and data storage products, electric motors and variable speed drives, refrigerating appliances, light sources and separate control gears, electronic displays, household dishwashers, household washing machines and household washer-dryers and refrigerating appliances with a direct sales function
Organic production and labelling of organic products: date of application of the amendments to certain detailed production rules for organic products in Annex II
Certain information to be provided on the labelling of organic products: amending Annex III
Use of in-conversion and non-organic plant reproductive material
Certain detailed production rules for organic products
Organic production: date of application and certain other dates
Implementation of the Ecodesign Directive (2009/125/EC)
Resolution on traceability of fishery and aquaculture products in restaurants and retail
Organic production and labelling of organic products
Implementation of the Unfair Commercial Practices Directive 2005/29/EC
Energy-efficiency labelling programme for office equipment: adapting the implementation of the Energy Star programme to a new EU/US agreement
EU/US Agreement: coordination of energy-efficiency labelling programmes for office equipment
EU Ecolabel
Ecodesign requirements for energy-related products. Recast
Organic production and labelling of organic products
Ecodesign requirements for energy-using products: Commission implementing powers
Energy efficiency products: office and communication technology equipment, labelling programme Energy Star. Recast
Launching a debate on a Community approach towards eco-labelling schemes for fisheries products
Organic food and farming: imports of organic products from third countries (amend. Regulation (EEC) No 2092/91)
Organic farming: organic production and labelling of the products (repeal. Regulation (EEC) No 2092/91)
Ecodesign requirements for energy-using products
Revised community eco-label award scheme (regul. 880/92/EEC)