Subject "4.40.10 Youth"

Dossiers (56)

Putting into practice the European Framework for Quality and Effective Apprenticeships – implementation of the Council Recommendation by Member States
A Bridge to Jobs - reinforcing the Youth Guarantee. Proposal for a Council Recommendation. Accompanying document
EEA Agreement: amending Protocol 31 on cooperation in specific fields outside the four freedoms (European Solidarity Corps programme). EU position
A Bridge to Jobs - Reinforcing the Youth Guarantee and repleacling Council Recommendation on establishing a Youth Guarantee. Proposal for a Council Recommendation
Youth Employment Support: a Bridge to Jobs for the Next Generation
Resolution on the impact of Covid-19 on youth and on sport
Resolution on the Youth Guarantee
Quality traineeships in the EU
European Structural and Investment Funds: specific allocation for the Youth Employment Initiative
Continuation of ongoing learning mobility activities under the Erasmus+ programme in the context of the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the EU
European Structural and Investment Funds: specific allocation for the Youth Employment Initiative
European solidarity corps programme 2021–2027
European Social Fund Plus (ESF+) 2021–2027
Resolution on the European solidarity corps
Implementation report on the EU youth strategy
Implementation of the youth employment initiative in the Member States
European Solidarity Corps
18th birthday Interrail pass for Europe
Youth guarantee and youth employment initiative
Economic growth and youth employment
Control of spending and monitoring of EU Youth Guarantee schemes cost-effectiveness
Outcome of the Valletta Summit of 11-12 November 2015 and of the G20 Summit of 15-16 November 2015
Youth Employment Initiative
European Youth Initiative (modification of the ESF regulation)
Assessment of the EU youth strategy 2013-2015
Skills policies for fighting youth unemployment
Youth Employment Initiative: additional initial prefinancing amount paid to operational programmes
Roll-out of the European Youth Initiative
Resolution on youth employment
Implementation of the Youth Guarantee
Resolution on the Commission communication entitled ‘Strengthening the social dimension of the Economic and Monetary Union (EMU)'
Resolution on preparations for the European Council meeting (27-28 June 2013) - European action to combat youth unemployment
Implementation of the EU Youth Strategy 2010-2012
Tackling youth unemployment: possible ways out
Resolution on a Youth Guarantee
Resolution on the Youth Opportunities Initiative
Reprogramming of the structural funds to better combat youth unemployment and help SMEs
Erasmus+ programme for education, training, youth and sport 2014-2020
Youth on the move: a framework for improving Europe's education and training systems
Contribution of EU policies promoting equality between men and women in combating youth crime
EU/Switzerland Agreement: participation of Switzerland in the ‘Youth in Action' programme and in the action programme in the field of lifelong learning (2007-2013)
Promoting youth access to the labour market, strengthening trainee, internship and apprenticeship status
EU strategy for youth – investing and empowering
Declaration on devoting more attention to youth empowerment in EU policies
Youth in Action programme (2007-2013); Commission implementing powers
Youth policy: Youth in action programme for 2007-2013
European youth : opening up decision-making process to young people, follow-up to the White Paper
European youth: grants to bodies active at European level, 2004-2006 action programme
Programmes Socrates and Youth for Europe. Special report 2/2002 Court of Auditors
European youth: opening up decision-making process to young people. White Paper
Protection of young people at work: transition period for the United Kingdom (Directive 94/33/EC). Report
Implementation of Youth programme
A youth policy in the European Union
Youth: Community action programme 2000-2004
European voluntary service for young people: Community action programme 1998-2002
Youth for Europe: establishment of the 3rd European programme for the development of exchanges 1995-1999