Subject "4.50 Tourism"

Dossiers (35)

Tourism and transport in 2020 and beyond
Resolution on transport and tourism in 2020 and beyond
Establishing an EU Strategy for Sustainable Tourism
Resolution on the negative impact of the bankruptcy of Thomas Cook on EU tourism
European statistics on tourism: transmission deadlines and adaptation of Annexes I and II
2018 EU-China Tourism Year
Role of fisheries-related tourism in the diversification of fisheries
New challenges and concepts for the promotion of tourism in Europe
Regional branding: towards best practice in rural economies
Package travel and linked travel arrangements
Blue growth - Enhancing sustainable growth in the EU's marine, maritime transport and tourism sectors
Revision of the "Package Travel Directive"
Europe, the world's No 1 tourist destination – a new political framework for tourism in Europe
Statistics on tourism
Regional development aspects of the impact of tourism in coastal regions
Protection of consumers: timeshare, long-term holiday products, resale and exchange contracts
Tourism policy: towards a stronger partnership for Europe, Lisbon strategy
Nature protection: Protocols to the Alpine Convention on soil protection, on energy and on tourism
New prospects and new challenges for sustainable European tourism
Tourism and development
Tourism sector: working together for a sustainable development and employment
Travel agents: special scheme VAT and distortion of competition
Enhancing tourism's potential for employment: recommendations of the High Level Group
The Euro and tourism
Resolution on tourism
Tourism sector: Community measures (dec. 92/421/EEC). Report 1995-1996
Tourism industry: improvement of safety, consumers' rights and trading standards
Tourism sector: fraud and irregularities
Tourism sector: control of the implementation of the EU policy. Special report 3/96 Court of Auditors
Tourism sector: evaluation of the Community action plan 1993-1995
Tourism sector: Community measures (dec. 92/421/EEC). Report 1994
Tourism: first multiannual programme 1997-2000, Philoxenia
Tourism sector: the role of the Union. Green Paper
Tourism sector: collection of statistical information
Tourism sector: Community measures affecting tourism in 1992 and 1993. Report