Subject "3.10 Agricultural policy and economies"

Dossiers (61)

Analysis of links between CAP Reform and Green Deal
Agreement on the withdrawal of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland from the European Union and the European Atomic Energy: agricultural subsidies. EU position
Rules on non-compliances in relation to the system for the identification and registration for bovine, ovine and caprine animals and on the calculation of the level of administrative penalties in respect of declared animals under animal aid schemes or animal-related support measures
Rules for the administration of import and export tariff quotas subject to licences and lodging of securities in the administration of tariff quotas
Financial discipline as from financial year 2021 and flexibility between pillars in respect of calendar year 2020
Common agricultural policy (CAP) 2021–2027
Common agricultural policy (CAP): financing, management and monitoring 2021–2027
Support for strategic plans to be drawn up by Member States under the common agricultural policy (CAP strategic plans) and financed by the European Agricultural Guarantee Fund (EAGF) and by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD) 2021–2027
Notifications to the Commission of information and documents
Livestock farmers in earthquake-stricken regions of Italy
Integrated administration and control system and conditions for refusal or withdrawal of payments and administrative penalties applicable to direct payments, rural development support and cross compliance
Ongoing crisis in the agriculture sector
How can the CAP improve job creation in rural areas?
Technological solutions to sustainable agriculture in the EU
Public intervention expenditure
Protecting the European Union's financial interests: towards performance-based controls of the common agricultural policy
Decision on the opening of, and on the mandate for, interinstitutional negotiations on the proposal for a regulation on the financing, management and monitoring of the CAP
Delimitation of Less Favoured Areas in the context of the reform of the CAP
Current challenges and opportunities for renewable energy on the European internal energy market
Resolution on rising food prices
Resource-efficient Europe
CAP towards 2020: meeting the food, natural resources and territorial challenges of the future
Common agricultural policy (CAP): financing, management and monitoring 2014-2020
CAP simplification
Implications for EU agriculture of the reopening of negotiations with Mercosur with a view to concluding a free trade agreement
Specific measures for agricultural markets
Recognition of agriculture as a strategic sector in the context of food security
EU protein deficit: what solution for a long standing problem?
EU agriculture and international trade
Common organisation of agricultural markets and specific provisions for certain agricultural products (Single CMO Regulation)
Common agricultural policy (CAP): repeal of certain obsolete acts
Future of the CAP after 2013
EU agriculture and climate change
Simplification of the CAP
Common organisation of agricultural markets CMO: specific provisions for certain agricultural products
Common agricultural policy (CAP): repealing obsolete Council acts
Challenge of deterioration of agricultural land in the EU and in particular in Southern Europe: the response through EU-agricultural policy instruments
Common Agricultural Policy and global food security
Food distribution to the most deprived persons in the Community
Machinery for pesticide application
Health check on the CAP
Sustainable agriculture and biogas: a need for review of EU-legislation
Common organisation of agricultural markets (CMO): simplify the common agricultural policy (CAP), creation of one single Regulation ("single CMO Regulation")
Agriculture and agronomy research within the common agricultural policy CAP reform
Multifunctionality and reform of the common agricultural policy CAP
Common agricultural policy CAP: adaptation of the Act of Accession and of the Treaties following the reform
Resolution on the mid-term review of the common agricultural policy CAP
Common agricultural policy CAP: financing
Biodiversity, action plans: conservation of natural resources, agriculture, fishing and development
Environment and economic policy: agriculture, transport and energy sectors
Research actions for agriculture and fishery, FAIR. Special report 9/1999, Court of Auditors
Financing of the common agricultural policy
Common agricultural policy CAP: information measures (Regulation (EC) No 1258/99)
Agenda 2000: financing of the common agricutural policy
Agenda 2000: Review of the CAP and enlargement consequences
Financing of the common agricultural policy
Agriculture, 1995 enlargement: extension of transitional measures
Transitional arrangements required in the agricultural sector, Uruguay round
Financing of the Common Agricultural Policy (amend. regul. 729/70/EEC)
Specific research programme 1994-1998: agriculture and fisheries
Motion of censure tabled by Mr Le Pen on behalf of the ER Group on the agricultural policy