Subject "3.45 Enterprise policy, inter-company cooperation"

Dossiers (30)

Technology Infrastructures
Extraterritorial effects of US sanctions on Iran for European companies
Corporate Social Responsibility
Women on company boards
Future of the Safe Harbour Agreement in the light of the NSA affair
Resolution on the entrepreneurship 2020 action plan - Reigniting the entrepreneurial spirit in Europe
European retail action plan for the benefit of all actors
Resolution on ‘Single Market Act: The Next Steps to Growth'
Resolution on ‘Towards a job-rich recovery'
Corporate Social Responsibility: accountable, transparent and responsible business behaviour and sustainable growth
Corporate Social Responsibility: promoting society's interests and a route to sustainable and inclusive recovery
Gender balance among non-executive directors of companies listed on stock exchanges
Corporate governance framework for European companies
Policy options for progress towards a European contract law for consumers and businesses
Company law: annual financial statements, consolidated financial statements and related reports of certain types of undertakings
Innovation Union: transforming Europe for a post-crisis world
Unlocking the potential of cultural and creative industries
Women and business leadership
Corporate and social responsibility in international trade agreements
Deontological questions related to companies' management
University business dialogue: a new partnership for the modernisation of Europe's universities
Resolution on the economic and social consequences of companies restructuring in Europe
Corporate social responsibility: implementing the partnership for growth and jobs
Corporate social responsibility, contribution to sustainable development
Undertakings: corporate social responsibility, integration of social and environment. Green Paper
Enterprise policy: implementing the Lisbon programme, progress made
State aid and risk capital, implementation of the action plan RCAP
Enterprise policy: multiannual programme MAP 2001-2005
European criteria for European companies operating in developing countries LDCs: towards a European code of conduct
Enterprise policy: the future operation of the information and cooperation networks