Subject "3.70.07 Noise pollution"

Dossiers (25)

Sound level of motor vehicles and of replacement silencing systems
Acoustic vehicle alerting system requirements for vehicle EU-type approval
CARS 2020: towards a strong, competitive and sustainable European car industry
United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE): uniform provisions concerning the approval of motor cycles with regard to noise, UNECE Regulation No 41
Sound level of motor vehicles and of replacement silencing systems
Noise-related operating restrictions at Union airports: rules and procedures
Recreational craft and personal watercraft
Car industry: tyres for motor vehicles and their trailers, fitting. Codification
Car industry: permissible sound level and exhaust system of motor vehicles
Wheeled agricultural or forestry tractors: noise level (repeal. Directive 77/311/EEC). Codification
Noise emission in the environment by equipment for use outdoors
Resolution on the environmental effects of high-intensity active naval sonars
Car industry: tyre rolling noise, type approval of tyres, UN/ECE Regulation
Civil aviation: operation of civil subsonic jet aeroplanes (repeal. Directive 92/14/EEC). Codification
Noise pollution: noise classification of civil subsonic aircraft, calculation of noise charges
Noise-related operating restrictions at Community airports
Resolution on night flights and noise pollution near airports
Recreational craft industry: exhaust and noise emissions from boat engines (amend. Directive 94/25/EC)
Assessment and management of environmental noise
Aeronautical industry and environment: civil subsonic jet aeroplanes, registration and use. Civil aviation Convention
Noise pollution: noise emission by equipment used outdoors
Noise emitted by pneumatic tyres of motor vehicles and trailers
Noise pollution: future policy. Green paper
Noise pollution: reduction of noise emitted by excavators (modif. Directive 86/662/EEC)
Safety and health at work: exposure of workers to noise