Subject "7.40 Judicial cooperation"

Dossiers (55)

Evaluation of the 2011-2020 European judicial training strategy. Executive summary
Evaluation of the 2011-2020 European judicial training strategy
EU/Euratom/UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement: extension of the period of the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement (Prüm) during which DNA profiles and fingerprints can be exchanged with the United Kingdom. EU position
Strengthening the rule of law within the Union - A blueprint for action
2019 EU Justice Scoreboard
Further strengthening the Rule of Law within the Union - State of play and possible next steps
Detailed rules on the operation of the central repository for reporting and statistics
Determining cases where identity data may be considered as same or similar for the purpose of the multiple identity detection
Interoperability between EU information systems (police and judicial cooperation, asylum and migration): detailed rules on the operation of the web portal
The Schengen evaluation mechanism
The Implementation of the European Arrest Warrant and the Surrender Procedures between Member States
2017 EU justice scoreboard
Cross-border restitution claims of works of art and cultural goods looted in armed conflicts and wars
Interoperability between EU information systems (police and judicial cooperation, asylum and migration)
Resolution on follow-up to the European Parliament resolution of 11 February 2015 on the US Senate report on the use of torture by the CIA
Resolution on the e-Justice Action Plan 2014-2018
Mid-term review of the Stockholm Programme
Resolution on judicial training - court coordinators
Resolution on judicial training
US subpoenas and EU data protection rules
Resolution on judicial training - Stockholm Programme
Evaluation and monitoring mechanism to verify the application of the Schengen acquis
Judicial cooperation in criminal matters: right to information in criminal proceedings
Transatlantic judicial and police cooperation
Police and judicial cooperation: accreditation of forensic laboratory activities (DNA and fingerprints). Framework Decision. Initiative Sweden and Spain
European Authentic Act
European Authentic Act
Legal protection of adults: cross-border implications
Legal protection of adults: cross-border implications
European Judicial Network. Initiative Slovenia, France, Czech Republic, Sweden, Spain, Belgium, Poland, Italia, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Slovakia, Estonia, Austria, Portugal
EC/Liechtenstein agreement: cooperation to combat fraud and other illegal activity to the detriment of their financial interests
Role of the national judge in the European judicial system
Area of freedom, security and justice: strengthen judicial protection, adaptation of the special provisions concerning the jurisdiction of the Court of Justice, title IV of the EC Treaty
Evaluation of the European arrest warrant
UN Convention against transnational organised crime: protocol to prevent, suppress and punish trafficking in persons, especially women and children
Judicial cooperation: investigation and prosecution for war crimes or crimes against humanity. Initiative Denmark
Judicial cooperation: financial penalties, mutual recognition. Framework Decision. Initiative France, Sweden and United Kingdom
Extradition procedure: 1995 and 1996 Conventions, Schengen acquis Iceland and Norway. Initiative Sweden
Judicial cooperation: orders freezing assets or evidence. Framework decision. Initiative France, Sweden and Belgium
European arrest warrant and surrender procedures between Member States. Framework decision
Judicial cooperation: European judicial training network. Initiative France
Combating illegal immigration: financial penalties imposed on carriers. Initiative France
Combating illegal immigration: facilitation of unauthorised entry, movement and residence. Initiative France
Combating illegal immigration: penal framework to prevent the offences. Framework Decision. Initiative France
Fight against organised crime, judicial cooperation: unit Eurojust. Initiative Portugal, France, Sweden, Belgium
Judicial cooperation: creation of a provisional Unit. Initiative Portugal, France, Sweden and Belgium
Combating organized transboundary crime: establishment of the unity Eurojust. Initiative Germany
Judicial cooperation: exchange programme for legal practitioners, Grotius II general and criminal
Resolution on the creation of a European legal and judicial area to protect the European Union's financial interests against international crime
Judicial cooperation in Europe
Judicial cooperation: creation of a European judicial network
Extradition between the Member States of the Union
Judicial cooperation: progamme of incentives and exchanges for practitioners in the justice area, Grotius 1996-2000