Subject "3.60.03 Gas, electricity, natural gas, biogas"

Dossiers (76)

NordStream 2
Internal market in natural gas: pipelines to and from third countries
Tackling energy poverty as part of the Energy Union
Impact of Nord Stream 2 on the gas market in the CEE region
EU strategy for liquefied natural gas and gas storage
Common rules for the internal market in electricity. Recast
Internal market for electricity. Recast
Risk-preparedness in the electricity sector
Measures to safeguard the security of gas supply
Doubling the capacity of North Stream pipeline and impacts on the energy union and the security of supply
Energy summer package
Liability, compensation and financial security for offshore and gas operations
Delivering a new deal for energy consumers
Achieving the 10% electricity interconnection target - Making Europe's electricity grid fit for 2020
European statistics on natural gas and electricity prices
Making the internal energy market work
Investment projects in energy infrastructure: notification to the Commission
State aid guidelines concerning energy-intensive industries
Industrial, energy and other aspects of shale gas and oil
Environmental impacts of shale gas and shale oil extraction activities
Facing the challenge of the safety of offshore oil and gas activities
Safety of offshore oil and gas operations
Taxation of energy products and electricity: restructuring the Community framework
Possibility of using gas from alternative sources in Europe
Wholesale energy market integrity and transparency
Consequences of the recent gas crisis
Gas supplies by Russia to Ukraine and the EU
Measures to safeguard security of gas supply
Energy infrastructure: investment projects
Programme to aid economic recovery: financial assistance to projects in the field of energy, European Energy Programme for Recovery (EEPR)
Legislative process on the third energy package
Resolution on getting a grip on energy prices
Supporting early demonstration of sustainable power generation from fossil fuels
Towards a European charter on the rights of energy consumers
Environmental impact of the planned gas pipeline in the Baltic Sea to link up Russia and Germany
Sustainable agriculture and biogas: a need for review of EU-legislation
Conventional energy sources and energy technology
Prospects for the internal gas and electricity market
Transparency of gas and electricity prices charged to industrial end-users. Recast
Conditions for access to the natural gas transmission networks. Third energy package
Conditions for access to the network for cross-border exchanges in electricity. Third energy package
Internal market in natural gas. Third energy package
Internal market in electricity. Third energy package
Electricity market: application of certain provisions to Estonia
Resolution on the conclusion by the European Community of the Energy Community Treaty
European strategy for sustainable, competitive and secure energy. Green Paper
Resolution on the International Conference for Renewable Energies (Bonn, June 2004)
Resolution on the World Bank-commissioned Extractive Industries Review
Electricity: opening of the market, transitional period granted to Estonia
Electricity regulation: cross-border exchanges, date of application by Slovenia
Taxation of energy products and electricity: possibility for certain Member States to apply temporary exemptions or reductions in the levels of taxation
Energy: internal market in natural gas, cross-border exchanges, access to the transmission networks
Internal market for electricity: safeguard security of supplies, infrastructure investment
Gas and electricity: VAT rules on the place of supply (amend. Directive 77/388/EEC)
Energy: natural gas, security of supply
Energy: internal market in electricity, cross-border exchanges, access to network. 'Electricity Regulation'
Energy: rules for the internal market in natural gas. 'Gas Directive'
Energy: rules for the internal market in electricity. 'Electricity Directive'
Energy, electricity and gas: liberalisation of markets (Directives 96/92/EC, 98/30/EC)
Electricity, internal market: renewable energy sources
Electricity, internal market: production from renewable energy sources, RES-E
EEA agreement: amending annex IV (energy, electricity)
EEA agreement: amending annex IV (energy, electricity)
Combined heat and power, CHP: Community strategy
Trans-European energy networks: the external dimension
Taxation of energy products and electricity
Restriction of the use of petroleum products in power stations (repeal. direct. 75/405/EEC)
Minimum stocks of fossil fuel at thermal power stations (repeal. Direct. 75/339/EEC)
European Community gas supply and prospects
Small and very small electricity systems in the internal electricity market
Support for a hydrocarbon exploration project in Greenland
Imports of crude oils and natural gas
Electricity and gas distribution sectors: rational planning techniques
Investment projects of interest to the Community in the petroleum, natural gas and electricity sectors
Natural gas: common rules for the internal market
Electricity: common rules for the internal market