Subject "3.20 Transport policy in general"

Dossiers (45)

EU strategy for mobility and transport: measures needed until 2030 and beyond
Adaptation de l’annexe III du règlement (UE) nº 1315/2013 du Parlement européen et du Conseil sur les orientations de l’Union pour le développement du réseau transeuropéen de transport
Cohesion policy and thematic objective ‘promoting sustainable transport and removing bottlenecks in key network infrastructures’ - Article 9(7) of the Common Provisions Regulation
European strategy on cooperative intelligent transport systems
European strategy for low-emission mobility
Transport: repealing obsolete Regulations
Cableway installations
Promoting a European transport-technology strategy for Europe's future sustainable mobility
Roadmap to a Single European Transport Area – Towards a competitive and resource efficient transport system
Resource-efficient Europe
Procurement in the water, energy, transport and postal services sectors
Transport applications of the Global Navigation Satellite Systems - short and medium term EU policy
Convention for the Protection of the Marine Environment and the Coastal Region of the Mediterranean (Barcelona Convention): Protocol on Integrated Coastal Zone Management
Sustainable future for transport
Greening transport package and the internalisation of external costs
Intelligent transport systems action plan
Alpine Convention (1991): implementation in the field of transport. Transport Protocol
Sustainable European transport policy, taking into account European energy and environment policies
Inland transport: abolition of discrimination in transport rates and conditions (amend. Regulation No 11, in implementation Art. 79(3) TEC)
Freight transport logistics in Europe, the key to sustainable mobility
Keep Europe moving: sustainable mobility for our continent
Transport: procedure for prior examination and consultation in respect of laws, regulations and administrative provisions proposed in Member States, liable to interfere substantially with the implementation of the common transport policy (repeal. Decision 62/403/EEC). Codification
Transport policy: proposals and action programme for 2010. White Paper
Impact of transport on public health
Environment and economic policy: agriculture, transport and energy sectors
Radiocommunications: Green Paper on radio spectrum, results of the public consultation
Charging for transport infrastructure
Radiocommunications, broadcasting, transport: radio spectrum, regulatory framework
Regional policy, transport and structural policy: improvingsocial cohesion, competitiveness and development
Transport infrastructure: common charging framework, fair payment for use. White paper
The follow-up of the Pan-European transport Conference
EEA agreement: amending annex XIII (transport) and protocol 37
EEA Agreement: amending Annex XIII (transport)
EEA Agreement: amending annex XIII (transport)
Common transport policy: promotion of sustainable and safe mobility
Pricing in transport: towards a fair and efficient pricing in transport. Green paper
EURET programme, European research on transport. Final report
Common transport policy: medium and long term programme 1995-2000
Transport: public services and state aid
Third pan-European transport conference
Aids for transport by rail, road and inland waterway (amend. Regulation (EEC) No 1107/70)
Granting of aids for transport by air, road and inland waterway (amend. Regulation (EEC) No 1107/70)
Telematics applications for transport in Europe
Specific research programme: transport (1994-1998)
Safety requirements: cableway installations intended to carry passengers