Subject "4.20.01 Medicine, diseases"

Dossiers (137)

Evaluation of the Union legislation on blood, tissues and cells. Executive summary
Evaluation of the Union legislation on blood, tissues and cells
Temporary restriction on non-essential travel to the EU
Coordinated economic response to the COVID-19 Outbreak
European coordinated response to the COVID-19 outbreak
Coronavirus outbreak, state of play and ensuring a coordinated European response to the health, economic and social impact
Shortage of medicine
Coronavirus: ensuring fundamental rights and a coordinated European response
Coronavirus outbreak
Human rights dimension of the Coronavirus outbreak
Financial assistance to Member States and countries negotiating their accession to the Union seriously affected by a major public health emergency
Specific measures to mobilise investments in the health care systems of the Member States and in other sectors of their economies in response to the COVID-19 outbreak (Coronavirus Response Investment Initiative)
The resurgence of Ebola in East Africa
Fight against cancer
Fight against cancer
The situation of sexual and reproductive health and rights in the EU, in the frame of women’s health
Rare diseases
Resolution on policy challenges and strategies against women's cancers and related comorbidities
Resolution on use of cannabis for medicinal purposes
Resolution on Lyme disease (Borreliosis)
Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo
Resolution on vaccine hesitancy and the drop in vaccination rates in Europe
Resolution on the EU’s response to HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and hepatitis C
European One Health action plan against antimicrobial resistance (AMR)
Resolution on support for the thalidomide survivors
Resolution on the regulation on paediatric medicines
UN high-level meeting on HIV/AIDS
Resolution on the Zika virus outbreak Zika virus outbreak
EU options for improving access to medicines
Global high-level conference on ebola of 3 March 2015
Access to medicines in the EU
Response to Ebola crisis
Resolution on the EU's response to the Ebola outbreak
Access to life-saving medicines in Europe
Safer healthcare in Europe: improving patient safety and fighting antimicrobial resistance
Ebola crisis: long-term lessons and how to strengthen health systems in developing countries to prevent future crises
Medicinal products for human and veterinary use
Avoiding trade diversion into the EU of certain key medicines. Codification
Sexual and reproductive health and rights
Report from the Commission to the Council on the basis of Member States' reports on the implementation of the Council Recommendation (2009/C 151/01) on patient safety, including the prevention and control of healthcare associated infections
Declaration on tackling multiple sclerosis in Europe
Prevention of age-related diseases of women
Declaration on establishing a European cardiac arrest awareness week
Declaration on continued and increased support for vaccinations in developing nations
Declaration on children with Down syndrome
Protection of public health from endocrine disrupters
Microbial challenge - rising threats from antimicrobial resistance
Resolution on addressing the EU diabetes epidemic
Resolution on the EU response to HIV/AIDS in the EU and neighbouring countries, mid-term review of Commission Communication
Resolution on the public health threat of antimicrobial resistance
Resolution on European Union position and commitment in advance to the UN high-level meeting on the prevention and control of non-communicable diseases
EHEC outbreak in the EU Member States
Cord blood stem cells
Voluntary and unpaid donation of tissues and cells
Declaration on epilepsy
Declaration on the need for increased coordination of cancer research in the European Union
Serious cross-border threats to health
Third programme for the Union's action in the field of health (2014-2020)
Resolution on the Tuberculosis Vaccine Initiative (TBVI) - practical implementation of the Europe 2020 strategy with a view to meeting MDG 6 and eliminating tuberculosis by 2050
Urgent aid to Haiti
Resolution on a rights-based approach to the EU's response to HIV/AIDS
Fight against tuberculosis
Declaration on fighting colorectal cancer in the European Union
Evaluation of the management of H1N1 influenza in 2009-2010 in the EU
Reducing health inequalities in the EU
European initiative on Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias
Declaration on the fight against breast cancer in the European Union
Resolution on Joint Programming of research to combat neurodegenerative diseases, in particular Alzheimer's disease
Problem of limited access of developing countries to some vaccines
Flu epidemic
Action against cancer: European partnership
Declaration on priorities in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease
Declaration on fibromyalgia
Joint programming of research activities: measures to combat neurodegenerative diseases, in particular Alzheimer's
Public health: smoke-free environments
Patient safety, prevention and control of healthcare associated infections
Resolution on HIV/AIDS: early diagnosis and early care
Counterfeiting of medicinal products
Resolution on combating cancer in the enlarged EU
Declaration on rheumatic diseases
Rare diseases: European action
1 December - World AIDS Day
Resolution on action to tackle cardiovascular disease
Resolution on the TRIPS agreement and access to medicines
Multiple sclerosis
White Paper on nutrition, overweight and obesity related health issues
Declaration on the need for a comprehensive strategy to control cancer
Production of opium for medical purposes in Afghanistan
International health regulations
Declaration on hepatitis C
Resolution on Aids
Resolution on breast cancer in the enlarged European Union
Resolution on HIV/AIDS: "Time to deliver"
Combating HIV/AIDS within the European Union and in the neighbouring countries, 2006-2009
Declaration on diabetes
Resolution on the strategy against an influenza pandemic
Declaration on rheumatic diseases
Major and neglected diseases in developing countries
European Medicines Agency: term of office of Executive Director
European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control: Director’s term of office
Resolution on World Aids Day
Effects of discriminatory health care to persons with multiple sclerosis in the Union. Petition 842/2001
Poverty: combating HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis, action programme
Public health: European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control ECDC
Cancer screening
Breast cancer in the European Union
Health protection: breast implants, Community and national measures
Combating Aids, malaria and tuberculosis: research partnership Europe/developing countries
Human tissues and cells: quality and safety for the donation, procurement, testing, processing, preservation, storage and distribution
Developing countries, poverty diseases: combating HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis
Traditional herbal medicinal products
Resolution on access to drugs for HIV/AIDS victims in the Third World
Silicone mammary implants
Combating major communicable diseases: accelerated action within the context of poverty reduction
Combating Aids, tuberculosis and malaria: Community contribution to the Global Fund
Resolution on the International Aids Conference in Durban, South Africa, July 2000
Resolution on the International Aids Conference in Lusaka, Zambia
Medicinal products for human use: Community code. Codification
Resolution on Alzheimer's disease
Orphan medicinal products
Endocrine-disrupting chemicals
Public health: Programme of Community action 1999-2003 on pollution-related diseases
Public health: Community action programme 1999-2003 concerning rare diseases
Public health: protection of individuals against ionizing radiation in medical exposures (repl. Direct. 84/466/Euratom)
Public health: network for epidemiological surveillance and control of communicable diseases in the European Community EWRS
Resolution on the outbreak of the Ebola virus in Zaire
Public health and development: actions in the field of the AIDS in developing countries, 1997-1999 programme
Resolution on compulsory Aids tests for foreigners visiting Russia
Resolution on the cases of cholera in Southern Italy
Old people: prevention of senile dementia, setting up special centres for investigation and research
'Complementary' (or non-traditional) medicine).
Public health and development: AIDS policy of the Community and the Members States in the developing world
Public health: prevention of AIDS and other communicable diseases, Community action programme 1996-2000
Public health: Community action programme on health promotion, information, education and training 1996-2000
Public health: action plan to combat cancer 1996-2000
"Europe against AIDS": extension to the end of 1994 of the 1991-1993 action plan